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How to do APDCL Bill Pay & Bill View Online?

APDCL Bill Power Distribution Company Limited is the state electricity body that receives APDCL bill payments from its official website through online mode. APDCL bill view facility is available for the customers from the portal of the state electricity agency. Online electricity bill view is quite an easy task for Assam residents when they do APDCL login at the official website for APDCL quick pay.

How to Do APDCL APDCL Bill Pay? 

Payment of apdcl bill view online is not a difficult task for customers when they follow the right steps. Here we are going to mention the steps of APDCL prepaid bill payment online. You can follow these steps for the APDCL bill payment online. Know, how to do APDCL easy pay recharge below: 

Steps of APDCL Quick Pay: 

Step 1. Go to the official website of

Step 2. Check the home page banner right section and go to APDCL easy pay login

Step 3. Click on “Pay Electricity Bill”

Step 4. Enter consumer number

Step 5. APDCL Bill View (total amount)

Step 6. Choose payment method

Step 7.  Pay online electricity bill assam

Step 8. Print APDCL Quick Pay receipt for future reference.

What is APDCL Quick Pay? 

As a customer, if you want to know more details about the Assam electricity bill payment, then you must know some of the popular terms. First of all, APDCL quick pay is another phrase for APDCL bill payment. Therefore, if you are thinking that you will get any other feature or facility in APDCL quick bill payment, then you are wrong because quick pay and bill payment both processes are both the same. 

How Do I View My APDCL Bill?

Customers who want to view the amount of APDCL bill payment can also view the www apdcl org bill. The process is simple for the customers and they need to follow some of the easy steps.  This is how you can do APDCL view bill details, and view bill apdcl. 

Steps of APDCL View Bill:

Step 1. Go to the official website of

Step 2. Check the home page banner right section

Step 3. Click on “View Electricity Bill” 

Step 4. Enter consumer number

Step 5.  The bill pay apdcl amount will appear on the screen

A Brief Review of Assam Power Distribution Company Limited

  • Assam Power Distribution Company Limited (APDCL) was formerly known as Assam State Electricity Board aka ASEB.
  • It was founded in 1958, with the notion to generate, and distributing electricity over the districts of Assam.
  • Its headquarters are situated in the capital of the state, Dispur (Guwahati).
  • This electricity board has been supplying electricity to over 64 lakhs consumers.
  • And, APDCL is wholly owned by the Government of Assam.
  • Assam Power distribution company Ltd. is also a part off-grid solar panels. To those areas, where the supply of electricity is inaccessible, such as the Amarpur area under Chapakhowa Sub-divisions and the ‘Char’ areas of Brahmaputra river.
  • Meanwhile, It supplies power to numerous industrial areas which are scattered all over the state of Assam. Here’s the list of 5 such industries along with their locations.
Industry Location
Coal India Limited Ledo, Margherita
Brahmaputra Gas Cracker and Polymer Limited Lepetkata, Dibrugarh
Cement Corporation of India Limited Bokajan
Hindustan Paper Corporation Limited Jagiroad and Panchgram
Assam Petrochemicals Limited Namrup

To distribute the power more efficiently, the APDCL has divided its electricity distribution operation into 3 different regions. They are as follows:

  1. Lower Assam Region (LAR)
  2. Central Assam Region (CAR)
  3. Upper Assam Region (UAR)

Thereafter, these 3 regions have been further bifurcated into 8 Zones which are:

  1. Guwahati Zone
  2. Rangia Zone
  3. Bongaigaon Zone
  4. Nagaon Zone
  5. Tezpur Zone
  6. Silchar Zone
  7. Jorhat Zone
  8. Dibrugarh Zone

 Furthermore, these 8 zones have been further divided into 19 different electrical circles that are headed by a Chief Executive Officer (CEO) within the rank of Deputy General Manager (DGP).

Electrical Circle Zone
Guwahati Electrical Circle – Guwahati Guwahati Zone
Tinsukia Electrical Circle Dibrugarh Zone
Rangia Electrical Circle Rangia Zone
Mangaldai Electrical Circle Rangia Zone
Bongaigaon Electrical Circle Bongaigaon Zone
Kokrajhar Electrical Circle Bongaigaon Zone
Barpeta Electrical Circle Bongaigaon Zone
Nagaon Electrical Circle Nagaon Zone
Morigaon Electrical Circle Nagaon Zone
Kanch Electrical Circle Nagaon Zone
Tezpur Electrical Circle Tezpur Zone
North Lakhimpur Electrical Zone Tezpur Zone
Cachar Electrical Zone Silchar Zone
Badarpur Electrical Circle Silchar Zone
Jorhat Electrical Circle Jorhat Zone
Golaghat Electrical Circle Jorhat Zone
Sivasagar Electrical Circle Jorhat Zone
Dibrugarh Electrical Circle Dibrugarh Zone
Guwahati Electrical Circle – II Guwahati Zone

In addition to that, these 19 electrical circles are further divided into 45 electrical divisions. And these divisions, are headed by the Assistant General Manager (AGM).

Moreover, out of the 45 electric divisions, Each division is further divided into 158 different electrical Subdivisions which are led by sub-divisional engineers.

Consequently, to fulfill the requirements of the industrial consumer efficiently, the Assam Power distribution company Ltd has established 17 numbers of IRCA (Industrial Revenue Collection Areas). And, each one of these IRCAs is headed by an Area Manager.

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APDCL Bill Check By Using APDCL Login

apdcl bill payment receipt download aka your Assam electricity bill? Follow these easy steps for an APDCL view bill online:

  1. Visit the official website of APDCL
  2. Click on the “View Electricity Bill”.
  3. Thereafter, for apdcl login, enter you have to type your Consumer Number.
  4. 4. After entering the Consumer Number, fill in the Captcha and click on the verify button.
  5. Once you verify, the accurate electricity Bill of your energy consumption will be presented.

But after getting the Assam electricity bill check. How you will pay the due amount? Scroll down to the simple ways to pay your bills while sitting at home.

What is APDCL Bill Payment Status/ apdcl status?

You must be wondering, whether the apdcl status of the bill is paid for this month or not. Because, sometimes the month feels long or apdcl bill pay online this way. Also, you can do an apdcl bill receipt download. Do you know that you can easily check your apdcl payment status? Let’s get started to see how you can see your apdcl payment status in the next part!

This is how you can easily check the apdcl bill status.

How to check APDCL Bill Payment Status?

Without going to offline places-Nagar Nigam and standing in a queue this hot summer and waiting to know the APDCL Bill Payment Status is time-wasting and money.

Then, how can check the APDCL Bill Payment Status from home?

For that, the first login to the official website of Assam Electricity. Once, login you can click on the Bill payment online. From there, you can check the bill by adding your details. And that will showcase the due date of the APDCL Bill Payment Status, which will give you a clear idea about the bill of the month.

Otherwise, you can also check your APDCL Bill Payment Status by seeing the bill payment history, which will show you the last bill paid date with the amount. So, you will get clarity on whether your APDCL Bill Payment Status is due or paid for this month.

How to do Assam electricity bill check?

To see your Assam electricity bill check, you can easily do through online rather than going to third parties or Nagar Nigam or bill recharge people. What you have to do is log in to the official website of Assam electricity. Once logged in, you will get the option of ‘view electricity bill’. Once. you click on that, you need to fill in your details. In the ad then, you can see your Assam electricity bill check and compare the Assam electricity bill check with the previous ones in just a few taps. Simple, no?

APDCL Assam Electric Bill Payment Online

Now, you don’t have to go in the scorching heat and stand in the queue to pay your apdcl payment. Then, how to do apdcl recharge online? You can easily pay your Assam electricity bill directly from your desktop or smartphone.

It is this simple? Without wasting time, let’s take you to the quick ways to make the apdcl online payment:

  1.  Firstly, Visit the official website of Assam Electricity
  2. Or, open apdcl in the device;
  3.  Secondly, click on “Pay Electricity Bill’ (which is already shown on the graphic below)

APDCL-PaisaWapas Blog

3. Thirdly, add your Consumer Number and fill in Captcha.

4. Once updated, verify your Assam electricity bill.

5. After confirming, your due amount is shown.

6. Most importantly, select the relevant payment mode. For instance: Debit, credit cards, mobile apps, mobile wallets, UPI IDs, and net banking.

7. After selecting, click on “Pay Now” to complete the payment procedure.

8. Within seconds, your payment will be initiated. And, you will receive a payment acknowledgment message from the APDCL.

9. Your online electricity bill payment assam is done and now, you can download the receipt for your safety.

10. Not only this, you can do apdcl prepaid recharge online

11. In the same procedure, by choosing Prepaid recharge , and get apdcl payment receipt in hand.

APDCL Bill Receipt

Before, proceeding further and knowing about the APDCL Bill receipt. What is the APDCL Bill receipt? So, the APDCL Bill receipt is nothing, when you are done with your electricity bill payment of any city in Assam through online or offline mode, you will get a receipt. This receipt in the Assam bill is called the APDCL bill receipt.

But Why do we need an APDCL Bill receipt?

  1. You can add this APDCL bill receipt, to your record data of the payment done,
  2. Furthermore, if in case, you need information like consumer no. then, the APDCL bill receipt will help you out,
  3. If, some government people tell/ raise that you haven’t paid the due bill. You can showcase to them your APDCL bill receipt as proof,
  4. Not only this, you can compare, and analyze the bill amount with previous bills and can evaluate whether your expense is increasing or at par through APDCL bill receipt.

Oh, this is why we should have the APDCL bill receipt?! Informative, I was not knowing it!

What is the APDCL view bill receipt?

Once you are done with the online payment of the Assam bill, you can easily view bill of your previous bill and current bill.  Know how to view apdcl bill below-

How to check APDCL view bill receipt

So, when you see the options like bill history, download receipt while paying the payment, or just by logging into the APDCl website. This is what it is APDCL view bill receipt. So, don’t get confused and check your APDCL view bill receipt by comparing it with the other ones. And do you know that, once you have seen Assam electricity bill check you can download it as well for your record purpose?

Wanted to know, how?

How to download the APDCL bill receipt?

There is a simple trick and tip that you need to know to download your APDCL bill receipt just from the comfort of your home with these simple steps. Moreover, you can get your apdcl payment receipt downloaded at your home with these simple steps.

Assam Electric APDCL Bill Payment Receipt Download Online

Once the electricity bill payment is done. But, need a receipt of the amount paid? Download the APDCL bill receipt by following these instructions:

  1. Visit the official website of Assam Power distribution company Ltd.
  2. Or, open apdcl at your device;
  3. Select the option “Pay and recharge” and then, click on “View My Electricity Bill”

APDCL:PaisaWapas Blog.jpeg

3. Thereafter, you have to add your Consumer ID and a Captcha.

4. After verifying, you will see the status of your Assam electricity bill.

5. Adding to that, go to the “payment history”

6.  Above all, you can check the apdcl view bill receipt for the amount paid.

7. Furthermore, select the required payment of the APDCL bill receipt and download it.

8. Now, the apdcl bill receipt is downloaded to your Desktop/ Smartphone.

Hence, the Assam bill receipt is downloaded through the quick pay electricity bill.

How to get an apdcl payment receipt?

Once, the bill payment is done, you will get an option below in online mode to get an Assam electricity bill payment receipt. If you need it, you can download the receipt and add it to your archives or folder. Otherwise, you will get the message on your email or phone number too of your apdcl payment receipt. Moreover, while doing the offline payment, you can ask for an apdcl payment receipt, and you have the right to get the bill receipt. And this is how you will get to know your apdcl payment history.

APDCL Customer Service: Number and Email

Stuck somewhere while paying the bill or not getting how to proceed with my bijuli bill? No worries, we will help you out!

Then, the apdcl customer care number will help you sort!

If you are having any problem, with your apdcl status of the payment or any other plausible inconveniences. Hence, you can easily reach out to the APDCL helpdesk. Or, through the apdcl bill desk, different modes to connect with the helpline authority.

Methods Details
Helpline number 1912




Whatsapp Number 7575999666

You can also reach them out on social media page platforms like Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.


FAQs- Assam Electric APDCL

  1. Where can I find my Consumer Number?

 You can find your Consumer Number on the left side of your electricity bill, provided by APDCL. It is an 11 or 12-digit number, which is known as Consumer Account Number.

  1. How to pay electricity bills by using the My Bijulee App?

To pay your Assam electricity bill, by using the official mobile app of APDCL. Follow these steps and pay your bill with the app:

  1. Firstly, download the app from the Play Store app.
  2. After that, enter your details.
  3. In addition to that, you can also make quick pay, which doesn’t require the user to register.
  4. Furthermore, enter your Consumer Number and click on the submit button.
  5. Once submitted, you will see your electricity bill status.
  6. After viewing the bill, enter your contact details.
  7. Subsequently, click on the payment option.
  8. Now, choose your desired payment method and complete the transaction.
  9. Once, payment is done. You will receive your APDCL bill payment receipt on your app.
  1. Can I make my APDCL Assam bill payment using a phone, Google pay, or any other such app?

Yes, you can make your Assam electricity bill payment through any third-party app and then apdcl bill receipt download for further records.

  1. How to get my APDCL Bill through SMS?

 You can get an APDCL electricity bill directly on your phone by sending a message from your registered mobile number. Above all, sent the message in this format:

Type <BILL(SPACE) Your Consumer Number> and send it to 8424882488. You will receive your latest electricity Bill details through message.

Hence, you get your apdcl bill payment receipt through SMS.

5. How to do apdcl prepaid recharge?

You can easily do that with the official website of APDCL. The following is the link for saving your time. To know your smart balance for pre-paid, check here. Moreover, get an apdcl prepaid voucher by reprinting my Prepaid Meter Recharge Voucher Code from here. Hence, you can check your apdcl status from anywhere.

Now, pay your bills from the comfort of your home and save your other bills, by applying these promo codes and offers. 

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