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Aashram is one of the most liked series among the crowd. It is 7.2/10 IMDb rated hence, can definitely give it a try and watch it if you want to. Oh! it is also an ITA award for Landmark OTT. It’s a Hindi series with 3 seasons and 28 episodes.

Ashram trailer| Season 4

The trailer starts with Bobby Baba Nirala claiming himself to be a god. He says that he is a god and he is above worldly laws and other stuff. Meanwhile, Pammi who escaped the Ashram in season 2 returns back and gets all of them to court, and returns back to the Ashram willingly in season 4. Not sure why! There should be some exciting reason behind it.

Can you also see Pammi being threatened to stay away from the god-claimed man? The next cut presents her as a bride. What has happened in between? we will know all this only after watching season 4. Till then fingers crossed.

Fan’s trailer reaction:

The sudden release of the Ashram season 4 trailer has excited the audience a lot. Have a look at a few of their comments.

One said, “Bobby Deol literally killed it, His acting”. while the other said “Every season after the first season of the Ashram web series is an eagerly awaited season. All of them have done a great job. Now we are waiting for season four, all the seasons and all the episodes are chair-playing.” there was also a comment that addressed the release time gap, “This Web series is amazing and entertaining but the worst part is to wait for the next seasons for almost a year… Till then most of the time audience forgot the storyline of the last season as well.” this is quite true. You will understand why, when you see the release year. There has always been a huge gap between one episode and another. Thus making it hard for the viewers to keep in touch with the storyline.


Aashram | Season 4 release date

If you have a look at the teaser, you can clearly see that the release year is clearly mentioned. 2023. With this being said, the release date isn’t officially said yet. Maybe in by Feb or if delayed then in the mid of May or the start of June. Let’s hope for the near future. If you feel like starting this series, do start it now only if you are not into binge-watching.


You can watch the Aashram series on MX Players.

Aashram Season 4 | Storyline

This series is directed by Prakash Jha. This narrates the story of a cop investigating a fake godman who tricks his devotes for money. A lot of twists and turns happen. Flip flops, jokes, and a lot. It’s worth the watch.


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