5 Small Business Loan Options For New Businesses 2021 in India

India has more than 40 million registered and unregistered SMEs operating in various fields including IT, manufacturing, packaging, and food processing. The sector is one of the key players in the country’s growth, contributing about 40% of India’s GDP. Recognizing the importance of this sector, the government has embarked on a ‘Make In India’ program to encourage more SMEs to be part of India’s growth journey.

The challenge for SMEs / MSMEs in India

  1. Trained talents move from SMEs to highly paid jobs as soon as a lucrative opportunity arises, which undermines the stability of firms. (Get Small Business Loans in India)
  2. In order to survive in the market and stay consistent, SMEs tend to lower the prices of their services and products below profit levels. This raises the prices of their competitors and leads to greater loyalty to existing customers. (Get Small Business Loans in India)
  3. Unlike large, well-funded firms, SMEs have to rely on their operating costs to cover all the hourly needs. Sometimes this is not enough given their constant costs. This is especially challenging when it comes to investing in new technologies to maximize their growth. (Get Small Business Loans in India)
  4. Another big point of contention for early startups is that they have to grow with eyes to keep their USP strong. Maintaining the same quality of goods and services while growing into large firms is difficult for many start-ups because they are not happy with the funds needed to grow them quickly, be it hiring top talent or buying state-of-the-art equipment. (Get Small Business Loans in India)

1. MSME government business loan scheme in India

The Government of India has introduced the MSME business lending program as a working loan. Like MSME, you can get a loan penalty of up to Rs.1 crore within 59 minutes. The best part is that you get this loan at an 8% interest rate, keeping the payment easy in your pocket. A 3% reservation is available for women entrepreneurs, to provide immediate punishment for the growing number of women who help their businesses today. (Get Small Business Loans in India 2021)

  • When applying for a loan, follow these basic steps:
  • Enter your GST ID number for your business
  • Upload your business income tax return in XML format
  • Submit bank statements for your business account six months ago in PDF format.
  • Enter the details of your business administrator/owner. This will include all information relating to personal, educational, and proprietary procedures.
  • Apply to enjoy legal action within 59 minutes!

2. MADRA business loan in India

Established by the current government, the Micro Units Development and Reference Agency (MUDRA) has visualized the concept of ‘subsidized funding’ and implemented it through a financial plan. Small business and start-up businesses are provided with financial support in the form of cheap credit. MUDRA Loans are funded by public and private banks, corporations, small banks, organized commercial banks, and local banks. In general, any MSME working in the manufacturing, commercial and service sectors is eligible for MUDRA loans. Your firm can raise funds through a government business loan scheme under three sub-headers. (Get Small Business Loans in India 2021)

– Sishu Borrows up to Rs.50,000

– Kishor loan up to Rs.5,00,000

– Tarun loan amounting to Rs.10,00,000

To facilitate funding, the government recently introduced the MDRA Card. This new product provides a workspace as a credit. This card is issued to you as a bank card against your MUDRA loan account.

3. CGTMSE- The debt guarantee scheme of a state-owned enterprise in India

CGTMSE has been in operation for 18 years now. Since its inception, the Credit Guarantee Fund Trust for small and medium enterprises has been assisting with the provision of non-performing MSME loans. Any organized commercial bank and the regional bank can be part of the program by equipping themselves as a leading authority. The agency punishes the lending of eligible small businesses and small businesses for their support of credit standing with the lending agencies in question. (Get Small Business Loans in India 2021)

The scheme provides for an operating loan of up to Rs.10 lakh and has terms for maximum sanctions. However, to get permission for more than Rs.10 lakh, you will need to mortgage your business property and land. (Get Small Business Loans in India 2021)

4. Funding of the National Small Industries Development Organization in India

Founded in 1955, NSIC offers MSMEs two types of financial benefits: immature material and marketing assistance. Any business that qualifies as a small and medium enterprise with EM Part-II (Optional) / Udyog Aadhaar Memorandum (UAM) is eligible to register for this government business loan scheme under its Special Registration Scheme (SPRS). Once you qualify, you can opt for a resource-based assistance program, where funding for both indigenous and imported resources is available. Under marketing support, you can earn money and use it to improve your competition and the market value of your offerings. NSIC also ignores MSME’s operations and supports it in its efforts to enrich product and quality. (Get Small Business Loans in India 2021)

5. Debt Support Grant Scheme in India

This government business loan scheme supports technology development. Under the various aspects of the scheme, you can access finance to improve your technology and equipment. You can use the money from your sentence to make updates related to many of your business processes, such as manufacturing, marketing and procurement. Through this program, the government plans to reduce the production costs incurred by building and providing goods and services to small and medium enterprises. This will pave the way for a competitive domestic and international market system. Under this program, you can receive 15% advance capital support for your business. However, the maximum amount you can get as a subsidy is added to Rs. 15 lakh. To be eligible for a loan under this scheme, you need to apply as a sole proprietorship, co-operative, and co-operative or a private and state-owned company. (Get Small Business Loans in India 2021)

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