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10 Things That You Should Know About Chai Sutta Bar in 2023

From Chai Sutta Bar Menu to Outlets, everything is in search because of this amazing place. New Year has started and we all want to hang-out on the top places. If next place is this then you must know about the 10 things related to Chai Sutta Bar in 2023. Looking to hang out at the top café in your city and want to taste the best tea with your friends means you can’t miss the call of “Chai Sutta Bar”. What do you think about this café? Are you really want to visit this iconic and hot place? Most of the youngsters say yes because they never want to miss the evening vibes of this peaceful place. Gone were the days, when only drinkers can avail advantage of the bar atmosphere in the city. Nowadays, chai lovers can also taste their chai in a peaceful place with good vibes and music. You will feel like you are in a bar when you visit this place but believe me it is a non-alcoholic place. 

We are going to tell you 10 things about Chai Sutta Cafe Bar that you must know before visiting this place and also the name of the top 10 Outlets. You can get to know everything about this tea chain in India from this blog. 

1). What is Chai Sutta Bar?

It is the biggest chain in India. You may treat it like a café. Chai is the most traditional drink in India. Right now, there are so many other Chai franchises as well in India such as “MBA Chai Wala” but the concept of this startup has been gaining too much popularity among the youngsters due to the unique marketing strategy and services. 

2). Chai Sutta Menu:

You can taste different kinds of tea flavours in this bar. Chocolate Chai, Rose Chai Patti, Pan Chai Patti, and Pineapple Chai are some popular chai ranges of the Chai Sutta Cafe Bar that you must explore when you are going to visit this café. Basically, I love the brownie shake and Kullad Chai of the place because the taste is so much amazing. 

3). Who is the Chai Sutta Cafe Bar Owner?

Now, come to the question of the Chai Sutta Bar owner because so many readers are curious to know about the name of the owner. Anubhav Dubey from Madhya Pradesh is the founder and owner of Chai Sutta Cafe. 

4). Chai Sutta Cafe Bar Near Me:

Are you looking for an outlet at your location? You need to find out this from Google Places or the official website of the brand to taste the amazing flavours of tea. 

5). How many outlets of Chai Sutta Franchise?

There is a total of 400 outlets of the Chai Sutta Bar Franchise. The numbers are enough to tell the concept of this tea café chain. This startup gained high popularity in a very short time because in a few years it reached around 400 outlets number in the overall world and that’s a great achievement for a young entrepreneur. 

6). Concept of Brand Chain: 

Don’t think that Sutta refers to smoking at this place. It is the personal choice of the guests but the main concept of Chai Sutta Bar is encouraging people to get rid of the habit of being smoke-free. After all, it is not good for health. However, so many people also smoke in the café along with their favorite tea. 

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7). How Many Cities Have Outlets?

There is a total of 190 cities in India, where the Chai Sutta Bar franchise is available. If you are finding a place in your city, then you can check out the official website of Chai Sutta Restuarant Bar Instagram Page to know more. 

8). International Locations: 

This startup is not limited to locations in India there is also an international location of this café franchise. Chai Sutta Chain is also located in Dubai. Therefore, if you want to make your Dubai visit memorable by drinking Indian tea at this place. There are 3 international outlets in the café. 

9). Top 10 Outlets in India:

What are the most famous and popular Chai Sutta Cafe Bar Outlets in India? Here is the list that you need to check. 

#1. Indore

#2. Agra

#3. Delhi

#4. Mumbai

#5. Jaipur

#6. Dehradun

#7. Nagpur

#8. Lucknow

#9. Patna

#10. Ludhiana 

10). Franchise Cost:

On the other hand, if you are thinking from the perspective of business and want to know about the cost of the Chai Sutta Cafe & Bar Franchise, then you need to get in touch with the business team of the company. You can write an email about your proposal. 

Final Words to Know: 

Let’s go to this amazing place to taste the various flavours of tea. A peaceful place with positive vibrations where you can just enjoy your Chai with friends and make your weekend happier. 

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