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10 Best Female Latest Model Scooty in India 2022: Price & Review 

Over the years, trends have changed in the automobile industry and this industry is now focusing on women-centric products as well like the female latest model scooty. The companies introduce some special models of ladies scooty. The reason behind this fact is increasing demand. Therefore, checking the complete review of the 10 best scooters for ladies in India 2022 has become a mandatory thing for the readers to understand the best model in which they can invest.

First of all, girls’ scooters are not like boys’ bikes. Companies design and manufacture the best scooty for girls by keeping some major facts in mind such as weight, design, appearance, and functionality. These are the major pillars for a company to introduce the best scooty for ladies. 

Top 10 Light Weight Scooty for Ladies 2022 Review: 

Thinking to buy a perfect scooter for your daughter, wife or self means you need to look at the honest review of ladies scooty 2022. This review helps you to understand some of the top Indian scooty models in which you can invest your money. This blog helps you to determine the right model of ladies bike.

There are plenty of options available in the market in the range of best scooty for ladies but you must select the right one for the luxury and easy ride experience. You must check the price as well because when you consider the affordable price scooty then you can save a lot for the purchase.  

Gone were the days, when women deserves back site of bike or scooty. Nowadays, people are excepting modern trends and women are exploring new wings. There are some popular brands of ladies scooters such as TVS, Honda, Jupiter, Yamaha, Pleasure, etc. Even Bollywood actresses are also promoting these ladies’ scooty brands by becoming ambassadors like Anushka Sharma and Priyanka Chopra. Without any delay, let’s get started with a conversation with the female latest model scooty. 

#1. Yamaha Fascino 125:

It is among the best scooty for ladies because Yamaha scooty models are designed for ladies especially. Working with the capacity of 125 CC engine and price starting from 78,443 Onwards, it is one of the popular female scooty brands in the Indian market. Why ladies must go for this model?

Due to its modern and stylish appearance, Yamaha Fascino ranks in the top position on this list. You can also explore the various colors in the range of Yamaha Fascino scooty in India. Many people are looking for a lightweight scooty for short ladies for easy commuting goals and Yamaha Fascino is the right model for this goal.

Let’s talk about the technical features of this model. One of the great things in Yamaha Fascino for which this model is known as the best scooty for ladies 2022 is a micro-hybrid system that works for the starter generator motor for the extra boost. 125cc engine puts out 8.0bhp at 6,500rpm and 10.3Nm at 5,000rpm with the 99 kilograms weight ensures the lightweight scooter. 

Price of Yamaha Fascino – Starts from 76,363

#2. TVS Scooty Zest

Number two position holder in the list of female latest model scooty 2022 is TVs. TVS is not the new brand that we need to introduce. This brand is already king of the two-wheeler market in India. However, TVS Scooty Zest is one of the best models for a female who wants to drive two-wheelers without any worries about mileage, weight, and scooty compatibility.

The seat height of the model is around 760 mm and the weight is around 97KG that’s why this model ranks among the lightweight scooty in India. This model is best for everyday commuting without any worries. 

What is new in this model? You can explore the unique design and classic styling 

such as LED DRLs. On the other hand, under-seat storage capacity and CBS are around 19 litres in this model. The engine is the primary factor to choose the right ladies scooty in India and TVS scooty offers a 109.7cc air-cooled engine with 8PS of power and 8.7Nm of torque.

Price of TVS Scooty Zest – 68,366 – 70,043

#3. Vespa VXL 125:

The answer to “which scooty is best for ladies” is Vespa VXL 125 and this model is actually impressive for women all time because of its stylish design and ultimate mileage. This female scooter in India gained attention in the market due to its outstanding appearance. Features of this scooter are 125cc, Max. Power – 9.52PS @ 7250 rpm, Max. Torque – 9.9Nm @ 6250 rpm. When we talk about the Fuel Tank Capacity then we can say that it is 8 litres and weighs – 114kgs.

Let us discuss more this woman scooty in India. The alloy wheels are the most attractive point of this scooter and the broader tires as well. You can find vibrant colours in the range of Vespa VXL scooty with the feature of tubeless tires. It is another lightweight scooty for ladies due to its compatibility and compact dimensions. 

Price of Vespa VXL 125: 73,733 – 1.07 Lakh

#4. TVS Scooty Pep Plus:

Looking for the best scooty for women means you should take a look at the model of the TVS brand which is Pep Plus. It is also known as the modern scooty because of its unique features and modern style. When we talk about the price then we can say that it is the affordable female latest model scooty.

The next thing is about the weight of this ladies bike. Apart from the ladies scooty price you need to check the weight as well because 90% of women prefer lightweight scooters. 95KG is the weight of this scooter. You can explore the various colours in this model such as black, blue, purple, and pink. 

Price of TVS Scooty Pep Plus: 61,684 – 64,584

#5. Honda Activa 6G (BS6):

In the checklist of scooty for women 2022, the name Honda Activa also required attention because it is one of the traditional models in the Indian market. This brand was launched in 2020 and it is the new version of the old Activa model of Honda scooters. Due to the telescopic suspension at the front and external fuel ID, this model is one of the ideal choices for women as the female latest model is scooty.

More things that you can get in this model are 12 Inch front wheel, fuel injection, start and stop button. This ladies scooty price is affordable in comparison to other models in India. What is the mileage of the Honda Activa 6G? We know about the fact that many customers are looking to know more about this question answer. 45km/l approx is the mileage of this ladies scooter model. What about the lightweight feature? The weight of the Honda Activa is 107 KG.

Honda Activa 6G STD Price – Rs.63,912

Honda Activa 6G DLX Price – Rs.65,412

#6. Suzuki Access 125 (BS6):

When it comes to finding the best scooty for girls, then we can say that it is difficult to select a particular product when we have plenty of options available in the market. It is the 125cc scooter in India and that’s why the brand Suzuki is perfect for women who want to enjoy the fastest ride with a powerful engine. 125cc engine based scooty is the highest selling scooty of this brand and now the company updated the access to BS6 as the new feature.

The next thing that you need to know about the model is eco-assist illumination with the LED headlamp feature. You will get an external fuel fill feature as well in this model and dual luggage hooks. Nowadays most ladies scooter in India have alloy wheels with the USB mobile charger feature and this model also have the same feature. 

Some other additional features of Suzuki Access 125 (BS6) are mileage is 53 KM/PL. This woman scooty is lightweight and the weight of the scooter is around 103 KG. 

#7. Aprilia SR 15

In the checklist of best scooty for women in India, we can’t forget the name of Aprilia SR 125. You can enjoy the ride on roads smoothly because of the modern and ultra-pro features. First of all, this ladies bike in India is amazing in terms of performance. Long-travel telescopic suspension and twin-pod instrument console both are the plus point for the women riders in this ladies scooty.

You will get a double barrel headlamp in the model along with a disc brake with ABC. Wheels are not small in this scooty and you will get large wheels in this brand with the wider tyre’s features. 115 KG and 122 KG is the weight of model 1 and 2 of this brand. 

Price of Aprilia SR 125 Storm CBS TT – Rs.68,277

Price of Aprilia SR 150 Race FL+ – Rs.86,348

Price of Aprilia 150 – Rs.77,360

Price of Aprilia SR 150 Carbon BS4 ABS – Rs.88,465

Price of Aprilia 150 Race – 79,124

Price of Aprilia SR 150 Carbon – Rs.79,062

Price of Aprilia 125 – Rs.71,360

Price of Aprilia SR 150 BS4 ABS – Rs.85,394

Price of Aprilia SR 125 BS4 CBS – Rs.74,027

Price of Aprilia SR 150 Race FL BS4 ABS – Rs.94,641

#8. Hero Pleasure +110:

A leading name in the two-wheeler market of India is Hero. It is the modern model of the brand and is specially designed for the comfort of women with great style features. Therefore, you can also invest in the best scooty for ladies by selecting this model. This model works on the principle of the single-cylinder engine with 8.7 Nm of peak torque at 5500 rpm. You can also charge your device by using the quick charging port of this ladies bike.

The engine of the scooter has 110cc power and due to this cool feature, it works as a combined braking system. When you are looking for an affordable ladies’ scooty in India under a mileage of 65 to 69 km then this option is best for you. 

Hero Pleasure 110 Price – Rs.61,900

#9. Honda Dio 

This model is among the best scooty for girls in India. Do you want to know why? Women love the design and features of the Honda Dio and the most important thing about this lady’s scooter in India is came with lightweight features. The fuel tank capacity is 5.3 liters which are quite enough and the weight is 105 KGs.

Telescopic suspension is also part of the Honda Dio scooter feature along with the LED headlamp. A fully digital meter helps you to operate this girl scooty better. Engine start and stop switches are accessible in this model as well in ladies’ scooter brands in India. 

Price of Honda Dio- 71,134 Onwards. 

#10. Okinawa Lite Electric Scooter:

Last but not least 10th position holder in the list of best ladies scooters in India is Okinawa Lite Electric Scooter. It is an electric ladies bike and you don’t need fuel to ride on this scooter. Most environment-loving people want to consider this model. Most electric scooters are also lightweight and that’s why first preference of the customers. Okinawa Lite Electric Scooter mileage is 50 to 60 KM and the motor capacity of the scooty is 250-watt with a detachable lithium-ion battery. USB chart port is also available in the electric bike 

Price of Okinawa Lite Electric Scooter – Rs.66,993

The Bottom Line:

Hence, it’s all about the top ladies’ scooty in India 2022. We hope, this checklist is helpful for you to understand the name of top brands and models which are ruining the market right now.


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